About Us

Meow York Times, founded in 1888, is the universe’s leading news platform housing critically acclaimed and award winning coverage of local, national and international breaking news. From our humble beginnings as scribbled notes passed around the classroom to now a multi-trillion dollar news platform, the Meow York Times boasts a readership of nearly 900 million cats from around the world.

Journalistic Standards

In a world where the most powerful cat in the world routinely attacks journalists and the media for being biased and their lack of ethics, the Meow York Times steps into the forefront and ensures all its content is held to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. We will not knowingly publish any content that we deem as fake. Fact checking, on the other hand, is often tedious and difficult so that step in our process may be omitted to ensure that our content is published in a timely manner. Emphasis is placed on how quick we publish our articles and because of this, there may be times where deadlines are tight and the girlfriend isn’t really giving it and so the mood may be not so pleasant in the office resulting in the act of plagiarism of other articles. Please note that this is rarely the case and may at most occur once a month. Usually around the 18th of each month.

If at any time you feel that the articles in MeowYorkTimes.com have made a mistake in our reporting, please contact junkmail@meowyorktimes.com. Please note that we will not reply so don’t stay up all night waiting for a return email.


Meow York Times has always had an open door policy for partnerships with large corporations. We’ve cooperated with many large corporations to ensure that Meow York Times will never ever be an independent news platform. We can guarantee that our morals and ethics are derived by the board of directors from those corporations.

If you feel like you can work with Meow York Times and provide financial support, then please contact corporate-bribes@meowyorktimes.com. We will discuss further in how we can be of service to you. *wink wink*

Submitting Articles

Meow York Times will not accept any non-paid articles. If you wish to submit an article for Meow York Times to publish, please ensure that you are an award winning journalist / corporation that has done all the fact checking and that you agree to all our monetary terms. Please contact advertising@meowyorktimes.com for your article submissions.