Tattoo of Nixon Morphs As Roger Stone is Found Guilty of All Seven Charges

By Sean Potluck Hammity
Sat Nov 16 2019
Nixon pissed that Trump hasn’t pardoned Roger Stone.
Nixon pissed that Trump hasn’t pardoned Roger Stone.
In what can only be deemed as a miraculous event, the tattoo of Richard Nixon on Roger Stone’s back has shifted from a happy expression to an angry one. Stone, who was convicted today on all seven charges against him, have pointed out the change.
“Look, the reason why I’m a Nixonite is because of his indestructibility and resilience. He never quits. His obvious change of expression is a result of the failure on my end. But it’s a reminder that, in life, when you get knocked down, you have to get back up…That’s the story of Nixon. I have to somehow pick myself back up.”
When asked about the change, Stone brushed off the event as an everyday thing. “He’s happy one day and angry at another. He shares the emotion that I bear on a day to day basis.”
Richard Nixon was granted a full pardon by US President Gerald For on September 8, 1974. This ‘get out of jail free’ pardon excused him for any crimes that he might have committed against the United States as president. It is rumored that Nixon’s only move was to agree to a deal of him resigning in return for a full pardon.
Roger Stone’s time in prison will also be Nixon’s first, if he truly lives on in his biggest fan.

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