*LEAKED VIDEO CLIP* Trump Caught Farting in Public

By Rachel Mad-doe
Fri Jun 07 2019
Trump caught releasing freedom gas of his own.
Trump caught releasing freedom gas of his own.
The Purr-resident held a press conference with the Department of Energy to promote clean energy, job creation and economic growth. In their statement, the DOE talked about increasing export capacity from the Freeport LNG project as they dubbed natural gas as "Freedom gas". In an ironic twist, just as that statement was given, Trump looked around to make sure no cameras were recording and let out his own "freedom gas". The room fell silent for a few awkward seconds before the DOE representative contiuned on with his statement. Meow York Times, along with a couple main stream media outlets, were able to capture this historic moment.
A source at the White House, who wished to remain anonymous, chimed in with their observation. "Ever since moving into the White House, the Purr-resident has had a rather unusual diet, unlike all other past Purr-residents. Purr-resident Trump's consistent diet of fried chicken, hamburgers and chocolate milkshakes has contributed to a recurrence of excessive flatulence." When asked about why Trump likes his fast food diet, the source replied that the Purr-resident feared being poisoned by the kitchen staff. In fact, Trump's over paranoia is well known all over the White House. He has even enlisted a full time Secret Service agent to guard his favorite toothbrush.

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