Trump partners with Kool-Aid to release a Trump flavored beverage!

By Rachel Mad-doe
Fri Aug 09 2019
The irony is delicious.
The irony is delicious.
The company behind the popular beverage has partnered with Trump to create an artificial orange flavored beverage. An anonymous source at the company disclosed their strategy with MYT. “Trump’s demographic is perfect for that brand. They’re highly susceptible to drinking Trump’s Kool-Aid.”  The company has also stated that they will be sponsoring and serving the beverage at all of trump’s events.
Critics of Trump could not believe the irony involved. When asked for comment, a top Democrat in the house of representatives stated, “Are you kidding me? The two brands are a match made in heaven. Orange artificial flavoring? Trump’s Kool-Aid? Unbelievable. I guess this will go well with those $15 trump plastic straws.”
Unfortunately, the popular phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid” and its association with Jonestown was unknown to the company. They quickly scrambled out of the press room when questioned about it. Oh yeah!

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