White House releases new interactive map of Dorian's destruction path

By Rachel Mad-doe
Fri Sep 06 2019
Meow York Times senior White House correspondent Sean Hammity was called into the Oval Office late Thursday evening. The Purr-resident stressed to Sean that Alabama had been on Dorian's destruction path.
"The Purr-resident stressed that all the intelligence that the weather network supplied had originally included Alabama and even the Fake News reported that Alabama was part of the path of destruction. He was very fixated on Dorian hitting Alabama, almost to the point where he wanted Dorian to hit Alabama."
The White House released a new interactive Map showing Dorian's destruction path hovering along the coast of Florida. As one of the White House staff members was explaining how the interactive map worked, the Purr-resident barged in and took over. He furiously circled Alabama over and over while yelling at the room "Just as I said, Alabama was originally projected to be hit! The Fake News denies it!"
The staff watched awkwardly as the Purr-resident stormed out of the room. Meow York Times has gained exclusive access of the interactive map for its members to try out.

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