Over 2 Years In Charge, Here’s What Trump Has Accomplished.

By Rachel Mad-doe
Mon May 27 2019
The Purr-resident touching a ball that he deems as mystical.
The Purr-resident touching a ball that he deems as mystical.
Over the years, I have been a harsh critic of Purr-resident Trump but I must give credit where credit is due. Here are the accomplishments of Trump during his reign.
  • Created millions of new jobs since the inauguration.
  • Unemployment rate at an all time low.
  • More Americans are employed now than ever before.
American Businesses
  • Gave farmers an astounding $28 billion dollar package for being sacrificial lambs in his trade war.
  • Supported American Corporations like Amazon by not only letting them get away with not paying any federal taxes, but also granting them $129 million dollars in tax rebate.
  • Generated about $100 million in revenue for various businesses including his hotel and golf resorts. Trump has played a total of 178 times since he’s been at office, which is quite an accomplishment!
American Exceptionalism
  • Made the 'USA USA USA' chant more popular than ever.
  • Been the most inspirational president to unite the right
  • Holds the world record for the most number of hats sold.
  • Make America Great Again (Made in China edition).
Veteran Affairs
  • Dodged the unrelenting rain that he would have endured going to the WW I cemetary by staying at home to tweet about his bone spurs.
Foreign Policy
  • Befriended and allied the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, despite his base's fear of the Muslims.
  • Formed a holy trinity with King Salman and President Abdel Fattah by touching the mystical orb and vowed together to conquer the world!
  • WTFBBQPWNED Huawei from the face of the US. Saved the American people from using cheap Chinese phones.
  • Created an award winning promotional video for Kim Jong Un. Then had his people collect the happy tears that flowed from Kim Jong Un's eyes.
  • Delivered a record breaking 19 second handshake with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
  • Hammered Canada with steel and aluminum tariffs because Ivanka gave Trudeau the look. The look is reserved only for Trump and sometimes Jared.

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