Conservatives criticize Trudeau for supporting giant corporation after wasting taxpayer money on elitist doughnuts

By Sean Potluck Hammity
Sat Jan 25 2020
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau carrying boxes of Tim Hortons doughnuts
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau carrying boxes of Tim Hortons doughnuts
Over the last few weeks, news from around the world have been dominating the air. In Australia, bushfires, ash rain, dust storms and flash flood wreak havoc to the people. In the United States, an impeachment trial for the President commences for the third time in history. In China, an outbreak of a deadly new virus puts millions in lockdown amid rising deaths. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau purchases haute doughnuts.
A few days ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted a picture of him picking up donuts at a local bakery in Winnipeg. Criticsm from the right immediately emerged online accusing Trudeau of spending tax payer dollars on the donuts.
"It's a shame that Trudeau has the audacity to spend hundreds of dollars on these elitist donuts when middle class Canadians are currently struggling to pay their bills," commented one user on Twitter. "Trudope at it again wasting Canadian taxpayer dollars!" said another user.  
Feeling the need to address the criticism, Trudeau made a trip to the local Tim Hortons to purchase an equivalent dollar amount of doughnuts. After posting the picture on social media, conservatives once again got on the attack.
"Trudope support big corporations and screw mom and pop shops!" cried one user. "Tim Hortons isn't even Canadian! It's partly owned by a Brazillian mega corporation. Bad Justin!" said another user. "Another company your foundation has shares in perhaps?" points out another conspiracy theorist. 
The tweet with the image was deleted after the backlash but captured by our Meow York Times archive team.

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