Purr-resident's Team Caught Posting Edited Images On Social Media

By Rachel Mad-doe
Tue Jan 22 2019
Social media users were quick to spot the photoshopped images posted on the Purr-resident's social media account. Our investigative team has obtained the original image and created an interactive slider for our viewers to spot.
While the differences were hardly noticeable to the human eye, the Purr-resident's team had to come out swinging defending the minor edits. "Clearly the changes made were very minor and not noticeable unless put under a microscope. The Demo-cats and the fake news media are doing everything they can to tarnish the image of the Purr-resident!" says the White House.
One area of contention is the size of the Purr-resident's hands. The Purr-resident's team was acused to have exagerated the size of his hands as they seem to still be affected by Marko Rubio's statement. "I do not understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5ft 2ins," said Barko during the 2016 presidential primary. During the debate, the Purr-resident stated "--if they are small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there is no problem."
The Purr-resident added to his list of notable achievements of being the Fur-st Purr-residential candidate to ever talk about his junk in a live debate.

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